Have You Heard Jeffro Radio?

While I’m sure at some point you’ve heard me on the radio (why else would you have Googled me?), you may not have heard my side project. Let’s change that!


It’s called – shockingly – Jeffro Radio. Even more shockingly, the one thing NOT on Jeffro Radio…is Jeffro! However, it is 100% created and programmed by me.

Jeffro Radio plays “Hits of the 80s, 90s, 2K + Today.” This isn’t the same old list of 250 over-researched songs like you hear on terrestrial or even satellite radio. These are ALL the hits. Some you’ll remember, others you’ve forgotten…but you’ll be able to sing along with every one!

Jeffro Radio also features an hourly Beatles Breakthrough and Snuggle Track. Complementing the package are jingles from JAM Creative Productions and TM Studios along with classic 1980s style audio processing. It’s truly an exciting listening experience!

Jeffro Radio is commercial-free, subscription-free and available online at JeffroRadio.com and through our custom app in the smartphone store of your choice (Google Play, iTunes or Blackberry World). We’re also on TuneIn if you’d prefer.

Give Jeffro Radio a shot! I know you’ll soon be an addict.


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